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"Thoughts and Concerns on our team"


----October 20th-----
NEW UPDATE: I know the season is pretty much here and me being a senior i realize this is the last go round for me and 4 other players. I also realize this is time when one of you younger girls can step up and take leadership and become to new team captain. I know some of ya'll might be thinking well your to shy or to quiet to be a captain, or your not the best all american basketball player....I don't feel that, being the one to score the most points or the all around best ball handler is the one who becomes automatically team captain. But i'm going to miss ya'll B.I.Ts and soon to be BALLERZ...yall need to keep this tradition going because Krop came a long way and i would hate seeing this program go down the drain..."AND TREAT EACH OTHER WITH RESPECT" because you never know if that maybe the last time you see someone. Work together as a team as well as a family, get to know each other and some of ya'll that aren't as dedicated to this team need to step up...because its a long road til some of ya'll become seniors and I would like to see ya'll become bigger than us seniors ever become.....
Hey theres one thing i need to discuss about this team. As you all know this is our last time around(seniors) and i strongly and truely believe we have the potential to come out on top and become the new 6A champions. We have a road to go through thats only filled with obstacles and us as a well developed team should be able with out a doubt in our minds be that number one team this season. Now i know in games we're going to argue and have mistakes but we need to learn from our mistakes so they dont become our downfall or rather flaw when the district championship opportunity is infront of us. Seniors remember we want to be known and remembered for something that krop has never been known for, a STATE CHAMPIONSHIP GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM. I know we have the opportunity and determination, concentration, and will power to over come and obstacles in our way. But, to achieve that goal it just doesn't occur over night we gotta be focused and ready to play everytime we step on that court. Dont under-estimate teams because in the long run it will catch up with us when the time comes.....