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Updates on Our Players Performance

Thursday June 9th
Alexandra Henri #32 starting center for the Lady Lightning team had an injury occur on her ankle.
At the UM camp playing against the AAU Team "Suns" Alexandra was going to deliver a pass towards one of her teamates Ali #22 when she says "I landed on a girls foot and twisted my ankle while making a pass". But as time went on today at Miami High Alexandra was quite eager to get back in the game but unfortunatly Coach Ray Thompson told her he would rather her rest for when we go to the USF camp where she can play at her 100% Baller level.

---June 9th---
Today Patricia Andre was unfortuantely hurt in the Game at Miami Highschool playing against the SOL. Our "Hustler" was going up for a rebound when she twisted her ankle. As Coach Thompson was assisting her a woman in the crowd had a conflict with him concerning her injury and by the end of the game Patricia said "Dont Worry tomorrow morning I will be back in practice working on my game"....and the next morning she was there ready to work.
---June 13th---
Alexandra has updated me on the fact that over the weekend she went to Barry University with her AAU team and the trainer there said that her sprain is terrible and she will possibly be out for 6-9wks. But knowing Alex that won't happen so she is due out until the USF trip where she will be playing.



We got a new coach who thinks she's a baller but she aint...LOL..I taught her evrything I know but now she gonna be teachin at krop and Coaching as well


---June 21st----
9 Days until FiFi's b-day...Also Friday the 24th we will be going to USF camp it cost $75.00 for transportation, Hotel and camp.

July 7th:
Today we played Lourdes JV team. If i were to rate the way we played as a whole i would rate us a 3 because even tho we played a JV team we didn't play to iur full potential. There were to many miss layups and sluggishness and not wanting to play defense. I noticed one main thing, in the 2nd half 11:48 left in the game the second group came in the game and the score was 48 to 8 at that time and the 2nd group allowed a 6-16 run....they allowed the JV team to SCORE 16 POINTS!!! How the hell does that happen! But we finished with a win. I think our 2nd group needs to realize when they come in the game they can't hurt us they have to keep the intensity up in the game where it doesn't matter whos on the court.....Post w/ replys about this GAME!

--July 11th----(New Update)
Today we played Miami High for the playoffs. I felt we could have done a better job playing them. Instead of "Killing Them(Mosquito) with a Sledge HAMMER" we more like just "FLICKED A FLY" But instead of dweling on the bad I would like to congradulate everyone on the win against Lourdes...From when we steped on the court to the end of the game..I would also like to give a HIGH FIVE to the second group that came in and kept the pressure and intensity up in the game..The only thing i have to dwell on is Jorane. I feel Jorane need to see that its time to fully commit yourself to the team now because this is our last go round and its not fair to the younger girls who come to practice everyday and you dont come and yet you still get to play over them...I know they dont like the fact that in certain situations in the game coach bails you out by putting you in the game when they know they should be playing for the hardwork they put in practice.Otherwise............

---July 20th---
Yesturday we played Chaminade Highschool and im glad to say we came out with a win. The only concerns about that game that I had was that in the first half we had no rhythum going..there was no flow to our offense. But we kept the lead which was good.One good thing tho was once we man(defense) we put the nail in the coffin.(Cuz u noe once i got in the game I shut that Lil Gurl DOWN) :-)  and I'd like to give a HIGH FIVE to Patrica for hustling in the game the whole time, diving on the floor for balls and being aggressive. I'd also like to give a HIGH FIVE to Jorane because no matter what the situation may be Jorane will play her hardest defense the whole game. But once the second half started even tho Jessica took they big gurl out the game...LOL! We pulled it together and I just wanted to congradulate everyone on keeping our winning streak going..

---August 1st---
I know I haven't updated in a few days but i need to back track on the past week. I'd like to say good job on the win against Jackson the first time. We attacked the big girl and took her out the game. But the second game I feel we played terrible we didn't play like we should of. I dont know if some of us was scared even tho we shouldn't have been because we knew what they had and what they were going to throw out at us. But its not the lost the pissed me off its the fact that when we was down by a few buckets 3 or 4 people gave up as if we couldn't come back, and me as a senior and wanting to graduate w/ a ring instead of a story is worried that what if at states we down by 8 and 5:00 left are the same people going to give up even tho we know we deserve it more than anyone else for all the hard work involved in getting there...Saturday i would like to congradulate everyone on a good job at Miami High in winning all 3 games.(Even tho I wanted 2 play NORLAND) and lets keep it up through the FIU camp on Friday-Sunday as well..

---August 23---
Hey everyone now that the fun part of Basketball is done(Summer) its time to get serious and focus on accomplishing our goals. Coach Thompson(Older...LOL) says our conditioning this year will be with the CROSS COUNTRY team. Practice is everyday at 2:45-4:15pm....I know you dont want to do it but just think of the outcome, how much faster and how much stamina and endurance you will aquire from doing it....I know your thinking" Boy that HEAT can kill someone...." And i agree that heat not CAN but WILL make you BLACKER!!!!!! but make sure u bring ALOT and i mean ALOT of SUN BLOCK cuz on that track is no joke and you'll be fine!!!!!!!!!


---August 29th---
Congrats everyone on the win against Pace, and sorry to all the players that were on the bench and didn't get to play....I have a few issues with the way we played against Pace....1. I felt as if some of us took them lightly because we played them in the summer and pretty much blew them out by 30 or more. 2. We need to get spacing on the court(SERIOUSLY). 3. We need to review Bobby(PLAY) because in the game a few times i called it and there was no pick down-low and when i came around for the pick everyone else was on the perimeter. 4. I think Jorane needs to be uptop on defense more often because when the season starts Ali wont be here on the court with us and me and Jorane have this defensive chemisty that i feel we're losing so to get that back we need to work on it. 5. I felt some people were playing to the crowd, if they got BOOOO or anything bad happend i dont want anyone to hold their heads down and give up because offensively they dont play their best because the same thing can happen at districts and i'll be DAMNed if i let one person who gives up 2 quick lose tha game for us and i graduate with out a BANNER in tha gym and a state ring on my finger.6. TO MANY TURNOVERS. But other than that i felt we played well when it got time to pick it up our defense really kicked in.......but ladies when we play teams DONT TAKE THEM LIGHTLY!!! and seniors this is our last go round so dont leave nothing on the floor, and lets keep it UP!

---August 31st----
and now we just gotta fix it!

---September 6th----
Sup Erry1...dis kropballer just got a few things to talk about concerning tomorrows game. First thing concerning the opposing team "Hollywood Eagles"
1. They got a guard on they team thats aggressive. Im not to sure on their post players but when that little white gurl whose they point guard comes in the game whoever is uptop needs to jump on the ball and force her to make a bad pass because she has no handles so the best thing to do is TRAP!!! and have the others on the block jump in the passing lane for the steal. Now if they have that little black guard whose the aggressive one we should go man..but I see no reason on why we should lose this game. I dont want another upset like last time playing Jackson. Ladies, we need to step it up its time for us seniors to put KROP on top...Ya'll may feel its only Fall it dont matter but think about it, it may be our last time playing together and I thought we would want to make every moment a good just remember that tomorrow when you bring your A+ game!

---September 8th---
Sup Erry1...good job against South Broward Yesturday even tho I got injured i felt we played like a team and ran good transition game on them..Oh yeah one more thing Yall dont be mad at Patricia cuz she savin up money for Prom and the only way she goin i guess is if she pay for her ticket so people like ....."ALEX" stop calling her a traitor because it HURTS HER FEELINGZ...and now she's quiting just to play so....When u see her ALEX tell her sorry because that wasn't kool!! Back to yesturday's game....umm....nothing really to say we had some good looks in the paint and good transition and we need 2 keep it up and JUST HAVE FUN!

September 12th: Krop V.S McAurthur
I don't have much to say about that team except they got only one player..."The White Gurl" she's not that good but she's also not that bad. Based on what I seen her do she's aggressive but i dont really feel she has an outside shot(Behind the 3 Point Line)....Unfortunately, the "Black Man" iz trippin and not letting me play as well as "FALLON PHANORD a.k.a FAL-L" but i feel im okay i dont want to watch my teAmates play...Oh yeah on Saturday when some people were telling me because of the running they were doing i was the lucky one being injured..the truth is I dont care about the running i would rather run for hours then be injured my SENIOR year when im tryin to get my scholarship edumacation on...LOL!

---September 14th---
NEW UPDATE: Based on yesturdays game i felt we played well as a team, we moved the ball and had some transition points by our guards releasing. Some concerns though that have to be mentioned is our man to man offensive set. I don't know if some players when coming off the bench dont know what position they play because when we be trying to run Utah or U-conn the only person i see flashing to the ball is Alex when there is suppose to be another player just incase I can't get Alex the ball....Defensively we did an "OKAY" job not our best but okay...we need to pick that part of our game up a notch.....other than that great game and lets keep it going and keep working hard so when we face jackson again there would be no contest....

---September 14th---
"FIFI IZ BACK!!!".....The baller iz back from a tragic knee injury..she's still a little injured but that aint gonna stop this magical baller from killing those haterz on the court...So when u play krop bring ya game cuz once this baller shakes you off the court just look at the back of her jacket and she'll be ready for "WHO's NEXT?"

---September 21st---
NEW UPDATE(must ReAd):
   -Today we play "THE TEAM 2 BEAT"...Jackson
Ladies, i dont know whether ya'll are scared of them but to me personally they're no better than us. If you ask me the last two times we played them we handed them the game, they didn't beat us we beat ourselves by losing confidence when we're down and giving up...And today if i see that or have a vibe from anyone that they aren't going to play 150% the whole game then i'd rather play with the ones that never get to play but when they do they put their most efforts in accomplishing something...i've gotten mad after games against them not because only we lost but mainly because my teamates the ones that want to go to states...GIVE UP and NOT PLAY TIL THE END....I be angry and furious that im getting hurt and pushed and hit for nothing...Tonight b4 the game i feel each and everyone of us need to think and realize how much we really want this win...Now i noe they gonna have the lil crowd cheering on every play they make but IGNORE IT becuz if they ended up winning i dont want to be like they won becuz we gave it to them if they want to beat us they're going to have to put up HELL OF A FIGHT which is the same mindstate everyone on the team should have at this point.......C'MON LADIES LETS DO THIS HOW WE DO THIS!!!

---September 27th---
Based on the performance of yesturdays game, I would say that we played hard as team. But there are some concerns I have about the way we peformed as a team. First off, I feel that Alex, and Jo was very aggressive in the paint last night.(So GOOD JOB 4 That 2 Them) but i'm not saying they played perfect. In general on a scale 1-10 I would say we played about a 6...We started off okay and were eventually in the lead then they tied and from there I feel we handed them the game. I think it was more of an issue involving the pressure once they started pressing us. Another issue was our outside shooting/decision making. "WE SHOT OURSELVES OUT THE GYM" and in crucial points in the game we "MADE TERRIBLE DECISIONS" with the ball. Yesturday coach armstrong approached me and said something to me that made me seriously ponder on our time during the season and which path we will chose to take as a team. He told me "If we dont pick it up, we will be the biggest disapointment in DADE-COUNTY". That made me think about us at districts when the season comes, I think we need to come to practice ready to work rather than slack and just go with the motion because ya'll know just as much as I do....."YOU PRACTICE HOW YOU PLAY"

---October 4th---


        Yesturday when we played Chaminade I felt we played good as a team. Alex stepped up as our Post Player. She had most of her points in the paint...even tho jorane wasn't there we got together and dominated over chaminade. Oh YEAH i find it to be HiL-Ar-iOuS that Amanda BUSTED HER AS*! Anywayz all jokes aside WE PLAYED GOOD and next week tuesday is our First PLAYOFF game!


---November 16th---
Last Night we played Barbra-Goleman. JV wise i felt they did extremely well(it being their first game). Varsity wise even though we won if we played a team up to our skill level due to all the turnovers i strongly feel we would have lost that game.(unless they were turning the ball over just as much) I realize we want a district championship but tomorrow against American we will have to limit our turnovers to 13 at the most....LETS KEEP IT UP!
----December 8th----
           NEW UPDATE: Today we play North Miami Beach, just because they lost basically they two main guards dont mean they aint going to come out with a fight. I know in the past they have beaten us, but right now we have the opportunity to "destroy their souls"(Jorane). So tonight bring your A+ game or be prepared to sit on the bench. Also if your injured try to stay off the court tonight because the people that bust their booties running 66 tounches while ya'll chillen on the sideline lifting 2 pounds (and u call that working out) are the ones that should be in the game and ya'll should rest just like in practice......"U NOE 'ARF ARF' "(JORANE)
----December 14th-----
NEW UPDATE: Last Night we played Goleman. Concerns: We as the starters need to step it up because last night we played horrible in the first half. Good job to the second group who got in the game and went on a big run(Way to step it up). 2nd group we're going to need you to bring that intensity and determination to every game. Whether you make a bad pass or get crossed so bad ur ankles shut down..LOL! We're going to need it. And seniors we need to be leaders on the court rather than sitting on the bench being a follower!