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Krop Lady Lightning Basketball

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Team BiOs
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Jorane Metelus(# 23--G/Foward)
--The road to Jorane's success was a do-it yourself. Even through the depression of getting cut from her old school team that didn't stop her..she didn't allow that to be the end of it. Jorane discovered she had something for basketball when she would play with her old school friend. They would play for ours,practicing dunking on their little playschool hoop and as they got older they got a higher hoop which explains where she gets her vert from to block her opponents. Her speed came from being chased by dogs and cats daily***LOL*** I'm just kidding she gained her tremendous speed from running track but once she got to Krop she realized that the sun is NO JOKE...LOL! Now Krop has a SHOTBLACKER ** that wont be forgotten!

Patricia Andre:(# 10Foward/Center)
On Dec. 1, a baller was born. Nawh, just kidding. Patricia Andre was just another tall girl Coach was begging to join the team since 9th grade. But she was in the whole dance magnet thing and thought she wouldn't have time to play ball,  so she never did. She came to one of the games, and realized it looked like fun. So she finally came out. She said: I was pretty bad in the beginning, .missing lay ups and stuff and making everybody run. That was embarrassing, but i got the hang of it. Se started playing games and Coach gave her some play time, saying she had a good ear and worked harder than some of the girls that's been there forever. But mostly, she's new to the team, trying come up. She says: "She learning some post moves and working on that J." And Watch Out,  "I'm  probably gonna be dunking on you once the season starts, PARTNA!"

Phylicia Campbell a.k.a "FiFi" (# 21PG/Anything Else..except center)
--The road for Phylicia was a depressing road that leads to success. People would compare her life of basketball to a fairy-tale. Basketball started for FiFi was at the age of 6 when her older brother would teach her how to dribble from time to time. Once she learned how to do a cross over she loved the sport from there and was determined to be the best. Then life went on...and she came to Krop. Her 10th grade year riding bench over looked by the black man averaging 2:00min a game to starting point guard on Varsity her 11th grade year averaging 10points a game..and as time and work went on she's now dominating on everyone...averaging now 14.6 points a game and the 3's s upstopable whether you in her face or not...and look out for her she will be ALL DADE and leading scorer by rankings in Florida!

Alexandra Henri(# 32---C/Foward)
Alex has came up from the depts and hardships in middle school to starting Kropballer all-time shooter. Alex in middle school fell in love with basketball and had the passion and all the heart in the world to play, but unfortunately didn't have the skills the coach's were looking for to make the team. Alex came out each year of her middle school life and never made the team, so she used that disappointment as motivation to get better at the game and show the coach what a mistake he made. Once Alex got to Highschool she went out for the Krop Lady Lightning team making it her 9th grade year. She didn't get to play in the games because the "Black Man" was over looking her at the time or didnt feel she was ready for that situation in the game.Riding bench almost every game except the last one of the season Alex always kept a smile on her face knowing when she does get in the game she'll do her best. During the summer she developed and gained a 3 point shot being the first post player to have a 3 point shot. From there she only got better dominating in games scoring double digits like the "LilKropballer a.k.a FiFi a.k.a Phylicia a.k.a Baller# 21"......Look out for her this year fool she's dangerous!