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Krop Lady Lightning Basketball

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Summer Updates
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Miami High Summer League

----University of Miami Camp----
Tuesday June 7th
8:30--Miami Highschool    LOST
Thursday June 9th
7:30--St. Brendans(SOL)   WON
----Barry University Camp----
Tuesday June 14th
6:30--North West Christian  WON
Thursday June 16th
5:30--Lourdes II                  WON
----USF CAMP-----(Didn't Go)
Tuesday June 28
7:30--Miami Beach            WON
Thursday June 30
6:30--Lourdes I                   WON
Tuesday July 5
5:30--Miami Springs          WON

Thursday July 7th
6:30---Miami Springs                WON
Tuesday July 12 Playoffs
6:30---Miami High                    WON
9:00pm--Winner v.s Winner      WON
Krop v.s Lourdes I